Water an amazing Nutrient

Water is a nutrient that the Human body needs everyday hence classified as a Micronutrient. The body does not create it but gets it from outside. Water is the only nutrient in liquid form. 

What is the importance of water?

Our body is 75% water and 25% solid matter. Our body needs water in all  our cells, organs and tissues to help maintain bodily functions and to control its temperature. 

The essential guide to hydration October 2015 states that,”Body water is found both inside and outside the cells. The water found inside the cells is called intracellular and it contains dissolved solutes (electrolytes) which are essential for maintaining healthy body functions. Water found outside the cells is called extracellular water. Blood contains extracellular which is transported around the our body. Water moves easily between cells to wherever it is needed”.

We loose water from our body when it is very hot, breathing, sweating ,suffering from diarrhoea,vomiting or when a person has fever and digestion. So it is important to drink a lot of water, sugar-free tea and eating foods that contain water like cucumbers,melons and lettuce to replace the lost water.

How much water should we drink a day?

Experts say the daily need is approximately thirty mls per kilogram body weight. As a result women should drink roughly two litres and men two and a half litres of water per day.

Children between the ages five to eight should drink a litre per day and those between nine twelve should drink one and a half litres. Thirteen and above between two and two and a half litres. Water is a good drink for children because it does not contain any sugar unlike fruit and soft drinks.

What are the benefits of drinking a lot of water?

Although scientists say there’s no proof that drinking a lot of water improves your skin, it is widely believed that it does. Apart from improving the quality of the skin, drinking a lot of water helps the skin to do it’s job of regulating the body temperature as we sweat. It also helps with the proper circulation of nutrients in the body it’s the body’s transport system. Drinking a lot of water lubricates the joints.

When we drink the correct amount or rather what our body requires as per the body weight, this is called Optimal hydration. Optimal hydration reduces fatigue, increases motivation, keeps body temperature controlled and reduces oxidative stress in our body created during exercise. It is said that loosing 2% of your body water content impairs our physical performance.

They say knowing when to drink water is important for Optimal hydration, like drinking water first thing in the morning because our body is dehydrated during the night. We have to drink 25% of the content that we drink per day in the morning. For example women who drink two litres per day should drink half a litre in the morning. For Optimal hydration we should drink pure clean water. For Optimal health and Optimal hydration. http://www.amway.co.uk/user/mapfumo


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